Dr. Karsten S. Hohberg

Lawyer Specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law
Dr. Karsten S. Hohberg was born in 1974 in Leuven, Belgium, and was educated in French bilingually. He completed his law studies at the Karl Eberhardt University in Tübingen. Since 2004 he works as a lawyer. In 2006, he obtained his doctorate in stock exchange law on the subject of the stock exchange in the internet, contract and supervisory aspects. Since 2007 he has been practicing law as a lawyer. Hohberg Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft in Stuttgart with a department for receivables management. This law firm is divided into the law firm Dr. med. Broll, Schmitt, Kaufmann & Partner. As a specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law, he advises companies and shareholders, managing directors and sales representatives on all issues of contract drafting, company formation, conversion, corporate acquisition, shareholder dispute, but also with regard to distribution contracts, franchises, licenses or commercial agent compensation. In addition, he specializes in commercial tenancy law and looks after a large number of companies, in particular from the textile industry and car dealerships, in the field of receivables management.


  • Contract design and processing
  • Advice and representation of companies, shareholders and managing directors in commercial and corporate law in addition to corporate law disputes
  • Consulting and contract design for incorporation, conversion, sale of companies u. a.
  • Franchise law, advice to franchisors, preparation and revision of franchise agreements, negotiation of contracts for franchisees, legal disputes between franchisor and franchisee
  • Commercial law, creation and revision of agency agreements, enforcement of legitimate and defense against unjustified commercial agent compensation claims
  • Commercial tenancy law
  • insurance law
  • receivables management


  • Rechtsanwaltskammer Stuttgart

Dr. Karsten S. Hohberg

Kleiner Schlossplatz 13-15
70173 Stuttgart

Telefon: +49 711 722 33 96-0
Telefax: +49 711 722 33 96-6


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