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Busi­ness valuations

Res­truc­tu­ring, sale or acqui­si­ti­on of com­pa­nies, chan­ges in the share­hol­der struc­tu­re or suc­ces­si­on often rai­se the ques­ti­on of the value of a com­pa­ny. The value of the com­pa­ny or the self-employ­ed person’s prac­ti­ce is also of out­stan­ding inte­rest in dis­pu­tes under fami­ly or inhe­ri­tance law.

Our expe­ri­en­ced audi­tors sup­port you in such mat­ters as con­sul­tants, neu­tral experts (also befo­re the courts) or as arbi­tra­tors with basic indus­try expertise.

Our services at a glance:

  • valuation of companies according to IDW S 1
  • evaluation of freelance practices
  • valuations for inheritance tax purposes

We advise you personally.

To avoid waiting times for you, please make an appointment. Call us or send us an appointment request via the contact form.