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Accoun­tancy services

A key fac­tor in the suc­cess of a com­pa­ny is flaw­less accoun­ting for its finan­ces and wages. Lea­ve your com­ple­te finan­cial and asset accoun­ting, cost cent­re and cost unit accoun­ting to us.

We account, record and eva­lua­te your accoun­ting data. Month­ly or quar­ter­ly we com­pi­le and trans­mit the advan­ce sales tax returns, totals and balan­ce lists, busi­ness eva­lua­tions and run indi­vi­du­al eva­lua­tions for pro­fes­sio­nal groups or our own requirements.

We are also hap­py to take care of the dun­ning pro­ce­du­re for you and draw up pay­ment pro­po­sal lists, which we make available to you online.

The legal requi­re­ments for admi­nis­tra­ti­ve tasks in HR depart­ments are beco­ming incre­asing­ly strin­gent. The increased expen­dit­u­re will not least dri­ve up cos­ts. That is why it can be of gre­at advan­ta­ge to you to make the admi­nis­tra­ti­ve sec­tor in com­pa­nies more effi­ci­ent, more eco­no­mic­al and more fle­xi­ble by pla­cing it in the hands of experts. We can effi­ci­ent­ly and com­pe­tent­ly take care of all the tasks that ari­se for you.

Financial accounting

  • assigning and recording of the documents and records made available to us
  • open item accounting for customers and vendors
  • processing of payment transactions and dunning procedures
  • preparation of payment proposal lists
  • preparation and transmission of advance sales tax returns
  • preparation/installation of cost and activity accounting
  • manageing/setting up asset accounting
  • support/set up of your in-house financial accounting
  • planning and organisation of processes in accounting
  • preparation of business evaluations as well as controlling and management reports with graphical representations
  • support by qualified personnel, e. g. in the event of bottlenecks or booking backlogs
  • recommendation for the selection and implementation of software programs

Payroll accounting

  • preparation/verification of the monthly payroll accounting for your employees, including the creation of the required notifications and the transfer to the employees
  • wage and salary accounts management
  • preparation of all relevant certificates
  • carrying out all payment transactions
  • creation of individual posting documents
  • support and assistance with external wage tax audits, social security audits, audits by the employment office
  • advice on all matters of income tax and social security law
  • processing of travel expense reports and development of travel expense guidelines
  • calculation of vacation provisions and pension provisions
  • setup/support of your in-house personnel accounting
  • planning and organisation of processes in accounting
  • support by qualified personnel, e. g. in case of bottlenecks
  • recommendation for the selection and implementation of software programs

We advise you personally.

To avoid waiting times for you, please make an appointment. Call us or send us an appointment request via the contact form.