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Exami­na­ti­on of inter­nal con­trol sys­tems (ICS) and inter­nal audits

Due to com­pa­ny growth, for­eign acti­vi­ties and simi­lar chal­lenges, an effi­ci­ent orga­niza­tio­nal struc­tu­re with uni­form­ly regu­la­ted pro­ces­ses and effec­ti­ve con­trol of pro­ces­ses is of gre­at importance for the com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness of com­pa­nies. An important tool that sup­ports the manage­ment in decis­i­on-making is a func­tio­ning inter­nal audit func­tion. Our com­pe­tent audi­tors will sup­port you in the instal­la­ti­on of a func­tio­ning inter­nal audit sys­tem, check the inter­nal con­trol sys­tem and iden­ti­fy poten­ti­al for incre­asing effi­ci­en­cy. Through the­se mea­su­res, we would like to help you to redu­ce the risks in your com­pa­ny and impro­ve the infor­ma­ti­on supply.


Our services at a glance:

  • internal auditing by external consultants
  • support for the introduction of an internal audit in the company
  • audit of the internal control system in place
  • auditorial review of company evaluations, etc.

We advise you personally.

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