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BSKP Academy

Finally tackle the need for preparedness and patient care? Finding the latest legislation on labor law first hand? Even before the turn of the year important changes of the new tax year know? Be informed at an early stage about the most important legal reforms in building and real estate law and its consequences? Know about consumer rights and vendor obligations? …

Within the framework of the BSKP Academy, we regularly offer information events on various topics and questions. In addition to up-to-date news on tax and law, we provide you with important information on how to avoid typical pitfalls and what you should pay attention to. Each participant is given the lecture notes to take away; sometimes attractive special conditions for subsequent consultations in our law firm are waving. And, of course, our speakers will answer your questions during the event.

All events can be found here in our online calendar …



BSKP invites you regularly: information and evening events take place in our law firms or in cooperation partners. You can find current topics and dates… more